Thursday, May 6, 2010

Handprint pillow case and Mother's Day card

Here's our keepsake pillow case. ;) It took two days! My aide painted hands and then I got all the names on them. Whew! They turned out cute. ;) The Mother's Day card was another craft from the Mailbox big book of arts and crafts. Love that book!!

We are down to 10 days! Graduation is coming fast! Better get to work soon!

Counting down...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The end is near...

"M-A-Y, M-A-Y, This is the month we say goodbye!"

It is so hard to believe another year is almost over! Time sure flies when you are having fun! ;)

This month is another full month, what a surprise! LOL!

Beginning this week we are going to start a memory craft in K. Each child is bringing a white pillow case, and we are going to put everyone's handprints on it. What a fun keepsake! ;) I'll post pics after we make them. I found this idea in a giant book of mailbox magazine's arts and crafts.

Graduation is fast approaching for my K kiddos. We do a program with many poems and songs we've learned throughout the year. My kids have chosen some of their favorites to share with their families!

In science this month we are going to begin studying about dinosaurs. Our first project in our unit is going to be baby dinosaur footprints. I'll post pics after we make them. To make, the children will dip the side of their hands in paint and press it onto paper. Then you can use finger tips or q-tips to make three toes above it. Messy is always fun! ;) In my sand table, I'm going to put little dinosaur figures so they can have a "dino dig". Another project we are going to do this month is measure our feet and dinosaur feet around the room and in our hall. This is so we can see what dinosaur size was really like.

Hope you enjoy your ending days of this year! Happy May!