Friday, February 25, 2011

A Seussical Extravaganzaful March!!

Wow, we hope spring is right around the corner. February was hardly there due to all the snow days we had! We are looking forward to some fun and FULL weeks in March.

March begins our unit on Dr. Seuss. We begin our month dressing up as our favorite Seuss character and celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday. Last year we made Pink ink drink that the Yink drinks. This year we are going to make "Fun is Good" Milk Cow drink. I found the recipe in the "Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook".

It has LOTS of fun ideas!! Too bad we don't have more time! For the drink: 1 large scoop of vanlla ice cream, 8 oz bottle of chocolate soda, whipped cream, and a cherry. If I can't find chocolate soda, I'm going to mix up seltzer in a pitcher and put in chocolate syurp. I'm going to look for some crazy straws to drink out of too. Fun times!! This summer, the target $ spot had lots of fun Dr. Seuss things. My co-teacher and I stocked up for this time of year. Our kiddos will get some fun party loot to celebrate this CRAZY author.

Our Housekeeping and dressup have also been transformed into Seussville! Housekeeping is the Green Eggs and Ham Cafe and dress up has lots of crazy outfits to act out Seuss books.

For math, we have a 1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue fish counting/sorting/patterning center. For our craft, we are going to make the cat in the hat.

Books is full of Seuss books, and our journal writing will be rhyming!

One of my favorite Seuss quotes is, "I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells!" How true! Let's make learning fun, exciting, and full of imagination!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Centers and How I do them + some other ideas!

Well since I'm sitting at home enjoying multiple snow days, I thought I'd write another blog. ;)

When I moved to K, I knew that centers would be an important part of our day. I looked through many books and web sites, but didn't find a way to manage centers that I truly like until this year. Dr. Jean to the rescue again! Her book "Wonderful Rooms Where Children Can Bloom", had an idea that I tweaked for my own use.

I used a canvas and cut out multi colored triangles on the cricut. Then I put sticky hooks on it and used the center tags from the book I got at a Dr. Jean conference. Each day I change them.

The kids stay in the same groups for many weeks or I change them if there is a problem. ;) They are getting responsible and are able to "read" for themselves which center they are going to that day. We do 4 days of centers, so they usually get to all. If not, I carry them over into the next week. It's made my life much easier and it gives the kiddos ownership of what they are doing. I'm all about giving them responsibility!!

I don't know about you, but boy, Kindergarten takes a lot of stuff!! I found some other great ways to organize on Dr. Jean's website and in her conference book. I'll put in a plug here, if you've never been to one of her conferences you must try to go!! They are wonderful! :)

I use clothes hangers to hang songs and poems on a hook. Then I hang them on a wreath hanger in the closet. Keeps them nice and neat!!

Another idea from Dr. Jean, a days of the week tub which I turned into drawers with labels for each day. You could even put teaching materials in it. We have another one for weekly crafts.

Every little bit helps when you have TONS of stuff!! :)

Well, Happy Groundhog Day to all! Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow, so I guess spring is on the way! Since we weren't in school on Groundhog day, we'll do some things when we get back. On Dr. Jean's c.d., "Happy Everything" there is a fun Groundhog's day song! Looking forward to teaching it to the kiddos!

Next time I'll update Valentine's day things.

Have a happy heart!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

100th day coming~ postponed due to snow for the 2nd year in a row!

CRAZY! This is the 2nd year we've had to postpone our 100th day celebration due to a snow storm. It was going to be Friday, Feb. 4, but now we have to wait and see how long we'll be out. That makes for some sad kinder kids! :(

Here is our 100 day plan, when we have it!

~ Have a 100 day treat! A waffer cookie with two donut holes to make a 100. :)

~ Wear 100 things

My jean jacket that I bedazzled with 100 jewels! ;)

My sweet niece, last year. Her Nonna put 100 flowers on her hat and her Mama did the 100 on her top!

~ Make 100 day snack mix

I made the sign and glued the actual food with the number of things next to it. The kids had a lunch sized sack to put their things it. Really the sack was too big, so this year we are doing a sandwhich sized zip lock baggie.

~ Make a 100 day necklace out of Frootie Tooties

~ Put 100 pieces of pasta on a large 100 (made out of 2 paper plates and a large 1)

~ Draw a picture of yourself as a 100 year old

~ Put 100 stickers on a 100 counting page

My co-teacher thought up a great way last year to help the kiddos count 100 of all their things. ;) They put 10 of each thing in a 10 circle to count to 100. It was a great help to the kiddos!!

It's always a fun and exciting day to celebrate. I found a very cute 100 day bulletin board set 1/2 off last year. I also found some cute 100 cut outs that we are going to glue a craft stick to for some "glasses". I'll post pics of this year once we have it!

Stay warm wherever you are!