Saturday, May 17, 2014

It Seems We've Just Begun, But Now We're Almost Done!!!

Wow,  It's May, and I haven't written since Dec....  Busy year, but it flew!!

We are getting ready for our K celebration and the end of school!

I've been pinning ideas for stage decorations and table ideas for our reception. :)

Here is a pic of our backdrop, our kinder~garden!!

We used handprints for everything. ;)  The grass was several handprints, the sun was palms and fingers, caterpillars were the side of hands,and  lady bugs were just the palm print.  To finish off the flowers and bugs, we used markers.  It's very happy and bright, and the kiddos are so excited about it!!

The countdown is on!!  We are almost done. :)  Happy summer!!