Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This is the month we say "goodbye"!

Wow, it must be spring because I haven't had time to blog in awhile!! Wow, April flew by, literally, and now it's May!!

I'm SO behind. ;)

In April we did one of my favorite book units, fairy tale, nursery rhymes, and fractured fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Our housekeeping center was The Little Red Hen bakery, if you don't work you don't eat. ;) Dress up had tons of fun fairy tale and nursery rhyme dress up possibilities. A mother, and good friend, bought our class a bunch of reduced priced costumes in Oct. The kids were SO excited to see so many fun new outfits! We read the fractured tale "The Little Red Hen makes a pizza" and after we read it, we made pizzas, with no eggplant. :) Such a fun unit!!

This month we've been studying one of my favorite things, dinosaurs! We've done it in our Bible class since dinosaurs are part of God's wonderful creation. A great movie for K and younger students is D is for Dinosaur. I believe it's put out by Creation Reasearch. We didn't get to everything this year, but some fun activities you can do with dinosaurs are, dino dig in sand table, make baby dinosaurs in eggs (jello eggs with plastic dino inside), trace and cut a long neck dino and paint him, and read "If the Dinosaurs came Back" and journal about it. I got some really fun dinosaur stamps from "Stamping Up" and we stamped the journal page. Dinosaurs are such a fun thing to learn about!

Our dress up center was actually transformed into a school room. I put up a chalk board and some small charts and calendars. It's so cute to hear the kiddos being Me and my Coteacher. They Love playing school and I love that they love school! ;) It's hard to believe it's almost time to say goodbye and get ready for a new group a kiddos next year!

Tomorrow is our end of the year program in K. We are going to be showing off many of the songs and poems we've learned this year. One of my favorites is "Leaving Kindergarten" sung to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies. "Come and listen to a story 'bout what we've learned this year. We've been working very hard and we think it's clear. We've learned a lot of stuff, and we've made some real good friends... Now we're leaving Kindergarten, but the learning doesn't end. (spoken)~ 1st grade, Bigger numbers, Bigger words, Busy day! That's all, Bye folks, see ya later!!"
Our kiddos LOVE this! They do such a cute job too. ;) Another thing we are doing is an idea from Dr. Jean, my hero, tweaked by us. On her "All Day Long" cd there is a "What did you learn today" song. We changed it to, "Hey, hey, what do you hear? What did you like about school this year? When the teacher points your way what will you say?" Then we'll call on the children on the stage to share a favorite K memory. Then we end it with, "Hey, hey what a great year. We learned a lot we think it's clear. We're so glad you came to hear what we did this year."

It has been a great year in K!! Today, when I told the kids we only had 5 more days, they were sad. That makes this teacher happy, they love school! That's what this is all about, teaching these kids and helping learn and grow and LOVE IT!!!

Enjoy your last days, the finish line is in sight!