Tuesday, February 1, 2011

100th day coming~ postponed due to snow for the 2nd year in a row!

CRAZY! This is the 2nd year we've had to postpone our 100th day celebration due to a snow storm. It was going to be Friday, Feb. 4, but now we have to wait and see how long we'll be out. That makes for some sad kinder kids! :(

Here is our 100 day plan, when we have it!

~ Have a 100 day treat! A waffer cookie with two donut holes to make a 100. :)

~ Wear 100 things

My jean jacket that I bedazzled with 100 jewels! ;)

My sweet niece, last year. Her Nonna put 100 flowers on her hat and her Mama did the 100 on her top!

~ Make 100 day snack mix

I made the sign and glued the actual food with the number of things next to it. The kids had a lunch sized sack to put their things it. Really the sack was too big, so this year we are doing a sandwhich sized zip lock baggie.

~ Make a 100 day necklace out of Frootie Tooties

~ Put 100 pieces of pasta on a large 100 (made out of 2 paper plates and a large 1)

~ Draw a picture of yourself as a 100 year old

~ Put 100 stickers on a 100 counting page

My co-teacher thought up a great way last year to help the kiddos count 100 of all their things. ;) They put 10 of each thing in a 10 circle to count to 100. It was a great help to the kiddos!!

It's always a fun and exciting day to celebrate. I found a very cute 100 day bulletin board set 1/2 off last year. I also found some cute 100 cut outs that we are going to glue a craft stick to for some "glasses". I'll post pics of this year once we have it!

Stay warm wherever you are!