Friday, February 25, 2011

A Seussical Extravaganzaful March!!

Wow, we hope spring is right around the corner. February was hardly there due to all the snow days we had! We are looking forward to some fun and FULL weeks in March.

March begins our unit on Dr. Seuss. We begin our month dressing up as our favorite Seuss character and celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday. Last year we made Pink ink drink that the Yink drinks. This year we are going to make "Fun is Good" Milk Cow drink. I found the recipe in the "Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook".

It has LOTS of fun ideas!! Too bad we don't have more time! For the drink: 1 large scoop of vanlla ice cream, 8 oz bottle of chocolate soda, whipped cream, and a cherry. If I can't find chocolate soda, I'm going to mix up seltzer in a pitcher and put in chocolate syurp. I'm going to look for some crazy straws to drink out of too. Fun times!! This summer, the target $ spot had lots of fun Dr. Seuss things. My co-teacher and I stocked up for this time of year. Our kiddos will get some fun party loot to celebrate this CRAZY author.

Our Housekeeping and dressup have also been transformed into Seussville! Housekeeping is the Green Eggs and Ham Cafe and dress up has lots of crazy outfits to act out Seuss books.

For math, we have a 1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue fish counting/sorting/patterning center. For our craft, we are going to make the cat in the hat.

Books is full of Seuss books, and our journal writing will be rhyming!

One of my favorite Seuss quotes is, "I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells!" How true! Let's make learning fun, exciting, and full of imagination!!