Friday, September 3, 2010

Faux Cow Rug and Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom Tree

I had this picture in my last post. When I found out that I was going to have a "Learning Corral", I really wanted a faux cow rug, but didn't want to spend the $ on one. I mentioned it to my Mom, who is also a teacher, and she said we can make one! She'd seen on a design show how they'd made a faux rug out of some vinyl flooring. Mom is very crafty! ;) So, we were on the hunt for some cheep flooring. The piece we got we found at Lowes. We tried to get it for free with the "poor teacher story", and we did end up getting it discounted, but not free. :) Anyway, Mom used a box knife to cut it out. Then we painted the back white, the front was wood patterned, and put the black spots on it. I LOVE it!! It's so fun in my reading center.
In my other reading center, in "Center Ranch", I have a Chicka-chicka Boom, Boom tree. My friend Stacie helped me make that. I have a green bistro umbrella as the base. Stacie put a large paper tube over the pole, a carpet tube works best but we didn't have one. Next she tied several paper bags with twine up the pole. She cut out leaves to put on the bottom of the umbrella. I love it too! Great friends and family have been such a great help in making fun things in my classroom!

There are days when I'd like to curl up with a good book in either of my reading centers! Hope you have a nice place to read too!

Happy Day!

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