Friday, March 18, 2011

M-A-R-C-H 1st month of the spring!

March is here! Spring is just around the corner.

Spring is springing in our classroom too! When we get back from spring break we'll be making blooming flowers and brids nest with candy eggs. Signs of spring are popping up everywhere!

Both these projects are easy and fun! Buy multicolored cupcake liners and Easter grass. The non-shiny type of grass works best! I have a copy of the stems and then the kids just glue the cupcake liners on as flowers and glue the grass on the bottom. To glam it up, you can buy yellow sugar crystals and glue in the middle of the flower. :)
The bird nest are easy too. I bought the cheaper malted milk ball eggs for the center. I found the pretty blue paper at Lakeshore. The brown "grass" is from dollar tree!

I found a CUTE flower, I guess it's a mask, at DTLK kids too. We may have to try that out as well!

For directions google DTLK kids and look under spring flowers! Lots of darling ideas on that site too! Enjoy!

We started singing spring songs and doing spring poems as soon as March started! Here's another plug for Dr. Jean's "Happy Everything" cd. My kiddos LOVE the songs on it! The spring section has a St. Patrick's day song, 5 Little Kites, and the all time favorite Birds song. If it's not in your collection of cds for the classroom, I highly encourage you to get it!

Another one of our favorite poems is called "March Winds"

"The March wind roars loudly, winter can't stay!! (yell that part)
Wind murmers through branches as sun warms the day.
Wind whips through treetops as branches sway.
Wind whispers this secret, springs not far away!" (whisper this part)

Enjoy the spring changes wherever you are!

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