Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Everybody needs their own spot!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!! It's been a great 3 weeks so far. ;) Of course, I'm already planning ahead for next year!
My co-teacher and I are always looking for space savers since we share our space! I found these in the Really Good Stuff catalog last year, and we are going to get them for this coming year!

I LOVE the Very Hungry Caterpillar rug in our room, but there isn't always room on it for everyone! So, I found these cute carpet circles in Really Good Stuff called "parking spots!" They will match the rug and be great if we need a "special place" for some students. :)

We have struggled with nametags on our tables for the last few years. Many kids and not enough room for names. I found these handy holders in Really Good Stuff as well!! We'll just have the kiddos change out their tags when it's there turn in the Learning Corral!!

Okay, enough school shopping for now!! Just had to share these great things!!
Happy summer!!

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