Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's turkey time!

"It's almost time for Thanksgiving, It's almost time for a feast!
 Turkey, potatoes, and cornbread too. I just love pumpkin pie, don't you too?
 Oh, it's almost time for Thanksgiving. I don't think I can wait!
So give thanks for all that you have, And let's celebrate!" (sing to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame")

 We started November a bit early! It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is upon us! Since I've started teaching K, I have really started to love Thanksgiving! What a great holiday filled with so many fun crafts and fun ideas. My new best friend, Pinterest, has some really fun things. :)
Here are some handprint turkey and pumpkins out of pasta. :)
Our dress up center is full of some fun Thanksgiving hats and a teepee with a fire. :)
Here is a turkey I copied and changed a bit from Pinterest. I used a small paper bag for the center part of the turkey. Then I cut a small sack in half and made the turkey legs by wrapping yarn around the ends. I glued the legs to the body. ;)
I made a pumpkin pie with orange construction paper and a pie tin. ;) These pictures remind me of another poem!

 Thanksgiving Feast
 "Thanksgiving table? This is it.
 And a chair where each may sit.
For each a plate, a cup, a spoon.
We'll eat and eat 'til afternoon."

Our feast will be here before we know it!  I've got some past November posts on here with things we make for that. ;)
Hope your November is full of fun!

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