Sunday, October 27, 2013

50th Day in K~ Sock Hoppin' Fun!!

Tomorrow is the 50th Day of Kindergarten!  We are 1/2 way to 100, so we are going to have some 50's fun!!  Housekeeping is  the 50 Days Cafe!  Used my puppet stage to make a frame/store front, we'll take pictures of the kids with the Happy 50!  Found some food baskets and paper at Target $ spot for the food, and made floats with some shimmery gift bag filler. ;)

We are going to celebrate by having rootbeer floats as a treat!  Our journal and craft are going to be "How To Make A Rootbeer Float".  The kiddos are going to write directions on paper that is shaped like our float cup, after they finish both the craft and the paper, we'll put them together to make an individual book. 

We are going to have a hula-hoop contest and a bubble gum blowing contest too!  
Also, found a freebie on Teachers Pay Teachers with how things differ from the 50s and today~  it's by Erica DeMaria.  We printed it off and will let the kiddos graph them under 50s and Today. :)  We'll also measure records with tootsie rolls, it's going to be fun to see if any of our kids have seen records!  I have a bean bag C.D. with 50s songs on it, so I'm sure we will need to do a sock hop with bean bags too!!

I'll post some of our fun day soon!!
Happy Teaching!!

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