Friday, January 29, 2010

100th day coming soon...

Due to the snow, we had to postpone our 100day celebration. My k kids were so sad. When I announced that they had already decided to not have school the next day you could hear a pin drop. One little boy kept saying, "I'm SO MAD that we don't have school!" :)

I'll post pics on Mon. after we have our festivities. The kids are going to wear clothes with 100 things on them or decorated with 100. We will also have many centers with the 100 theme.

100 day activities~

Put 100 things on a 100 (made out of paper plates and a 1) We'll be putting marshmallows and chocolate chips.

Make a 100 necklace (100 fruitloops)

Draw a pic of what they will look like when they are 100

Eat 100 gold fish

Make a picture out of 100 cherrios

To help them count out 100 of each thing, we put 10 circles on a legal size piece of paper. They'll put 10 in each circle.

The 100 snack picture is from last year. We'll have that again this year. I also ordered the 100 day pack from Really good stuff. It has 100 glasses, a book with 100 day activities, a 100 day sack, and stickers. It will be a day full of counting and fun!!

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