Thursday, November 11, 2010

Indian Bead Necklace (pasta) and ice cream cone tee-pees!

My fingers are multi colored right now. Just finished dying the pasta for our Indian necklaces! It's probably about 1/4 of a cup of rubbing alcohol not a 1/2. Should have written that down last year!! Oh, well, fly by the seat of our pants, LOL! Just a note, the wagon wheel pasta really takes the color the best. Also, tried purple again this year and it still turned out sort of blackish. Hm... Anyone out there have a good idea for purple? ;) Tomorrow lots of good fine motor lacing!! We did the ice cream cone teepees too. You really need to make the powdered sugar mixture thick. I made the kiddos really goop it on! ;) Next week I'll "glue" their names on the cones for their place card.

Fun times!!


  1. Kindergarten is so fun! I want to make a necklace and teepee! I still say there is a special place in heaven for Kindergarten teachers cuz there is no way my kids would ever get to do this at home!

  2. It is fun! ;) Actually, there was one point yesterday that I thought, what am I doing today! LOL! I missed Paula, but the sub was really sweet too. :) It all worked out, but I was tired!