Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Turkey Cookies and Amber Lamb the Pilgrim

This is such a busy month in K! We have been working every day on something new. ;)

Yesterday we made Turkey cookies. They turned out very cute! You use fudge stripes and nutter butter cookies, icing, candy corn, and twizzlers. "Glue" the nutterbutter down with icing onto the fudge stripe cookie. Put the nutter butter down far enough so you will have enough room for your candy corn feathers. Then put a candy corn beak on the face and a red twizzler waddle next to it. Then use 4-5 pieces of candy corn for the feathers along the back. they turned out cute. You can also use mini m and ms for the eyes if you'd like. We are saving them for Friday's feast. Just a note~ candy corn disappears after Halloween, so stock up early if you want it for something. I had to learn the hard way!!

Tomorrow we are making mini corn muffins and Monday we made butter. I get the jiffy corn muffin mix and follow the directions. For the butter, we put heavy cream in a jar and we all had a turn to shake it up! It was fun watching it turn into butter! Thursday we are going to make mini pumpkin pies. I buy the pumpkin pie mix and just follow the directions. I don't bake it in the pie shell, I put it in a 9 x 13 pan. We'll chill it and on Friday we'll scoop it into mini crusts and top with whipped cream. Then Friday morning before our feast we'll make cranberry punch. I use cranberry juice, vanilla ice cream, and 7-up. It turned out really yummy last year.

I've included a picture of Amber Lamb the Pilgrim for you. Amber Lamb comes each week to help us learn our Bible lesson. She has a heart you can put things in, so she "hides" things in her heart. These past few weeks we've been discussing God's provision for the Pilgrims and Thankfulness our character trait for the month. If you've never read Squanto, the Miracle of Thanksgiving, I encourage you to read it this time of year. I believe Family Life puts it out. It's the wonderful story of how God prepared Squanto to be a helper to the Pilgrims! This week we'll be discussing how God prepared the way for the Pilgrims as they followed His call to head to America.

May your Thanksgiving time at school and at home be blessed!


  1. You continue to amaze me, Miss! Such a cute craft. And I love Amber Lamb! I thank God for the heart you have for little ones. I'm so glad both my boys (and I) have been able to be blessed by you.

    May God's blessing be on you, especially this week!

  2. Thanks you Mykl! I've loved getting to know you and your sweet young men too!
    Happy Thanksgiving!