Saturday, February 9, 2013

Beach Day Update, Snowy Fun and The 100th Day!

I'm a bit behind on posting!  We had tons of fun in Jan.!  We started with Beach Day, did some fun winter crafts, and ended with the 100th day of school!!

Okay, this isn't a kinder, it's my older niece hanging out in K. ;) I had a big blow up crab pool in the room. She always likes to come hang out and see what's new in K. ;)

Here are the kiddos enjoying some octopus (hot dog). ;) I cut the bun length hot dogs in 1/2 and cut slits on the bottom. Boil until they are curled up.

Here are some cute torn paper snowmen.

We also did some q-tip painting snowmen. Lots of snowy fun even if we haven't had any good snow. ;)

 For the 100th day, we made some crazy hats with 10 colored strips of paper. On each strip, the kiddos used q-tips again to paint 10 dots on each strip to make 100. The kids put 100 things on their clothes and shared them with us. We strung 100 fruit loops, colored 100s, made 100 day snack mix, drew ourselves as 100 year olds, and counted lots of 100s!
Found the cute 100 day snack page on TeachersPayTeachers.

 Okay, updated! Now it's time for February ideas! I posted one on my previous post. Hearts with dot painters. I cut out a heart and taped it to the kiddos paper and they used dot painters to paint around it. Turned out cute! Here it is again. :)
Have a happy heart and happy teaching!!

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