Saturday, March 2, 2013

Seusstastical Time

The day it came, the day was here!  Dr. Seuss' birthday, the most fun of the year!!

What an exciting day in K it was Friday to celebrate this crazy creative author!  The kiddos and parents were very creative and they all dressed up as their favorite Seuss character!   We spent the day yesterday enjoying some Seussy fun!  We will be spending the month celebrating him, but yesterday was a whole day of fun in honor of him. :)

We made Thing 1 and Thing 2 out of handprints.  

Our snack was a green egg in honor of Sam I Am!  We had vanilla pudding cups, the kiddos stirred some green food coloring in.  Then they poured it on the plate, topped with a vanilla wafer and green sprinkles.

This messy table was actually full of fun!  We put out some Seuss books and The Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook, and the kids used playdough to make some Seuss creations!  Happy find on Pinterest!

Our dress up center is "Seuss on the Loose"  There are stuffed animals for a puppet show, dress up hats and masks to act out characters. :)

House keeping is the Green Eggs and Ham cafe.  We have all sorts of breakfast items  for the kiddos to play.

Our reading center is full of Seuss books.

This was my headband for my Truffula tree  outfit.

Truffula Tree shirt

Much fun was had by all!!

Next week we are going to have Moooonday in honor of Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?  We are going to dress in black and brown.

Found this idea on Pinterest and made up my own...

We are going to have a large sign of all the sounds in the book and the kiddos can fill out this page and draw a picture of what can make that sound.

As a treat in honor of Mr. Brown, we will have some chocolate milk in a special cup!  Found the pic online and taped it to clear cups. ;)

Can't believe March is here!  Looking forward to some spring fun too!  
We'll be having Truffula Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, and Thing Thurs. this month too!  

I'll update with some of our other ideas soon!

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