Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Lorax and Thing cuppies!

We've been having fun dressing in colors in honor of some of the most popular Seuss books. ;)

For Truffula Tuesday, we wore orange and made this cute Lorax out of paper plates.

For Thing Thursday, one of our creative Moms made us Thing cupcakes!

Such fun with Seuss!!  We've been rhyming and the kiddos are having fun trying to make up some of their own rhyming words like chimbley! ;)

If you are looking for a fun Seuss game, check out "I Can Do That".  The kiddos LOVE it!  They have to follow some crazy directions with some Seuss props.  Reading skills, some gross, and fine motor; plus the added bonus that it is fun!!  

Spring break is here for us tomorrow!  Looking forward to a break!
Happy spring to all!!

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