Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and other hand print decorations!

We've had a handprint Christmas this year!! We made a handprint Christmas tree, handprint wreath, and my favorite a handprint Rudolph!

The Christmas tree~ We used glitter green paint from Lakeshore, I love the glitter! Then we added tissue paper for the ornaments. Good fine motor!!

The wreath~ We traced our own hands and cut them out. My aide cut out the middle of a regular sized paper plate. The children cut out their hands, about 8 to fill up the plate, and glued them around the plate. To decorate, I had some Christmas sprinkles that I found at Super Target last year. We put a dot of glue on each hand and sprinkled the various sprinkles on the dot.

Rudolph~ I bought brown fun foam. Each child traced their hand and cut it out. The thumb is the head, so they had to stick their thumb out a bit. Then we glued on two curled pipe cleaners, a google eye, and some glittery green fun foam for a collar. Last, they used a sharpie to color in the hooves at the bottom of each finger. So fun!!

Whew! There are so many fun crafts to do at Christmas and not enough time!! Maybe you'll get your hands on some fun crafty things this Christmas season too!


  1. Thanks Jenny. ;) I think I'm crazy trying to get all this stuff done in a week or two. Makes the weeks go so fast!