Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's the MOST wonderful time of the year!

4 days left of Christmas fun!! Our parent gift this year is a cute fun foam gingerbread frame. I ordered it from Oriental Trading. Just a tip, sometimes the crafts from OT have LOTS of tiny pieces that little fingers have trouble with. This year I took a chance and it was easy! They did a great job on them too. I took each of their pics in a gingerbread baking hat and apron so they could be the "Gingerbread Baby" in the gingerbread house. :)

We had two other fun OT crafts that a mom sent for us to do. One was a little gingerbread notebook. Our writing center this month has been the Gingerbread man. The notebooks came with fun foam stickers so that the kids could decorate it. I was thankful for them, they were perfect for our writing center AND we didn't have to make our own journal! The other craft I had to do some work on myself. It was a gingerbread house that was like a puzzle. It came with all the extras to decorate it. I put the house together. It took some time, but the kids really enjoyed decorating them.

You can find these things at the Oriental Trading website. Sometimes they have specials too.

I'll leave you with a few fun Dec. poems~
"A Package"
"If you see a package
Happily wrapped and tied.
Don't ask too many questions
'Cause the secrets inside!"

"Christmas Goodies"
"It's hustle and bustle at our house,
So I try to keep out of the way!
But I sniff with delight at the cookies,
That are baking for Christmas day!"

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