Monday, February 22, 2010

February Holidays

Shortest month of all!!

Wow to be so short, we sure do cram a lot of fun holidays in it!

We made little groundhogs for Groundhogs Day, Abraham Lincoln log cabins for Lincoln's b-day on Feb. 12, and George Washingtons on his b-day Feb.22. Oh, and how could I forget Valentine's Day!! We made some very cute heart wreaths for Valentine's Day!

Little Groundhog

It was made out of hearts. I think it would have been easier to have patterns for the eyes and nose, so I will next year. I let them free hand their hearts for certain parts. An older group wouldn't have as much trouble. We used pipe cleaners for the whiskers.

Abraham Lincoln Log Cabins

I let the kiddos free hand their cabins and then fill in with logs (pretzles). Some of them made large cabins and then had trouble filling it all in. They were fun and took on each child's personality!;)

Valentine Wreaths

Use a normal size paper plate as the base. Cut out the center. My aide cuts out the center of each plate. It's a good idea to have pre cut hearts so they will all be the same size. We used some really fun patterned paint rollers to paint our hearts. I got them at Lakeshore. We painted one day and then glued the next. Very cute!!

George Washington

The kiddos traced a round face pattern and then a tri-cornered hat pattern. Glue the hat to the head before you glue the cotton balls or draw the face. Our kids each got 4 cotton balls. They could pull them apart a bit to make the white wig.

On top of all these fun crafts, we featured Laura Numeroff as our author of the month. Oh, how the kids love her books!! We even wrote our own story. "If You Give A Bull Some Popcorn." We are getting ready to illustrate it, so I'll try to post pics of that. :)

I hope you enjoyed this month as much as I did. ;) I'm looking forward to March and spring! March 2 is Dr. Seuss's birthday. We'll be dressing up as our favorite Seuss character. I'll post pics of that after our fun day!

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