Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Indian Necklace and Fun Foam Turkey

Wow how times flies the weeks before Thanksgiving! We've been busy making Indian necklaces, turkeys, and Indian corn. 3 craft projects in one week, I must be crazy!! My aide and I were SO busy!

Indian Pasta Necklace


Uncooked Pasta ( I used Wagon Wheel and Penne)

Food Coloring

Rubbing Alcohol

Gallon Sized Zip Loc Bags


Put pasta in bags. I did 5 colors so I divided up my pasta into 5 bags. I poured enough rubbing alcohol in the bag to get it wet, it didn't fill the bag. Then I dropped several drops of color in the bag and shook it up. I added more color as needed to get the right brightness. After the pasta was covered with color, I dumped it onto white construction paper to dry. We had red, green, purple, orange, and blue. The blue actually turned out turquoise which was fun! I let it dry over night just to be safe. Next year I think I'll let my kiddos shake the bags of pasta, but I will probably double bag them to be safe! ;)

Then my aide cut pieces of white yarn and covered one end with tape so the children could begin to string it. The penne was a little difficult because it was long, so we used sharpened pencils to push it through. The children were able to make patterns and get some good fine motor exercises!

Fun Foam Turkey


Several colors of fun foam


glue (I like Aleen's tacky glue)

small turkey pattern

small google eyes

My aide made a small pattern of a turkey. We thought it might be fun to make a pin out of it later. My aide, my sister (who is my homeroom mom), and I traced all the pieces. We decided to cut out the smaller pieces; the waddle, feet, and beak. The children cut out their body and feathers. Then all they had to do was glue the pieces on. Some of them got carried away with the glue, but the beauty of Aleen's is that it dries clear! ;0)

I have a class of 23 K students, so we divided them up for these crafts. 1/2 of them did the pasta necklaces and 1/2 made their turkeys. We'll switch it up on our next craft day.
I'll post pics tomorrow.

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