Thursday, November 26, 2009

Last fall idea post

One last fall idea because Christmas is coming!! These pumpkin paint pictures are free handed by the kiddos. We used orange glitter paint that I found at Lakeshore. I put the paint in bowls and then added cinnamon to make them smell like pumpkin pie. :) The kids love it and it makes the room smell really good too. When we put them in the hall, the hall smelled like cinnamon too! The turkeys next to the pumpkins were finger print turkeys. We had a turkey pattern with feathers that the kids cut out. We used several colors of washable ink to use on the turkey.

Well, that's the last of my fall ideas for this year!! Next week~ the Gingerbread Man is coming! As my niece always says, "I hope he doesn't run away!" Hm... We'll see!

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